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Goat Milk Soaps

Patchouli & Orange

People who do not normally enjoy the strong fragrance of patchouli LOVE our patchouli & orange balanced blend. It is moisturizing and creamy to leave your skin soft and supple. Ingredients: Saponified oils of Shea Butter, Olive, Coconut, and Palm, Therapeutic Grade Patchouli and Orange Essential Oil Blend, Organic Goat Milk, Mica, and LOVE. *This statement has not been evaluated...

Clean Cotton

Made with Shea Butter and Goat Milk, this soap is highly moisturizing with a fresh linen fragrance.

Mocha Latte Coffee Soap

Our gourmet Mocha Latte soap is packed with scrumptiousness that smells good enough to eat, but we advise that you don't. This soap has exfoliating coffee grounds which can be used on your entire body. Ingredients: Saponified oils of Olive, Coconut, and Palm, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Organic Coffee Grounds, Coffee Essential Oil, Goat Milk, Mocha Fragrance, and Love.