The BlackBelt Soap Company

While on a family trip at a luxury resort, I tried seaweed soap for the first time and immediately noticed a difference in the silky copious lather and overall suppleness of my skin. Well hydrated, my body did not require much lotion. For the rest of the day, I could not stop touching my smooth, radiant skin. This opulent soap experience changed my life and I began seeking similar natural products, reading all ingredient labels, and researching best natural products for the skin. I realized that what you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body. My products are gourmet treats for the body, made to complement a wholesome body regime.

To include the best ingredients and get exactly what I wanted in natural care products, I began making soaps, essential oil blends, and other products. When sharing these gifts with family, I was reminded that my great grandmother Joretta Spencer who lived to be 100 years old also made natural soaps. I was encouraged to share my natural skincare products with others, hence the development of my company, which is named for the region of Alabama where I was born. The company logo is the beautiful cotton flower, which was grown and harvested in abundance throughout The Black Belt.

The Black Belt Soap Company is dedicated to producing premium, wholesome products for the entire family. We donate part of our proceeds to support underserved communities in The Black Belt region of Alabama, which continue to be defined by the legacy of slavery and the plantation agriculture system. Alabama’s Black Belt characteristics include low taxes on property, high rates of poverty and unemployment, low-achieving schools, and high rates of out-migration. The Black Belt is home to a large proportion of Alabama’s African American population and has a high number of single-parent households, high teen birth rates, and poor access to health-care services. Learn more about The Black Belt Alabama at

Health & Happiness,

Dr. Temeka L. Carter

Founder and Owner