Welcome to The Black Belt Soap Company’s blog

Welcome to The Black Belt Soap Company’s blog, filled with educational and inspiring ideas to enhance your life! This company was founded as a means to provide wholesome, healthy skin care products to beautiful people all over the world and to generate awareness and resources for The Black Belt area of Alabama. Born and raised there, I am empathetic to the plight of the residents and strive to positively impact lives, one person at a time.

My soaping journey began after I used seaweed soap for the first time on a family vacation. I immediately noticed the difference in lather and how the soap nourished my skin. Around the same time, I had become a vegetarian so I was really paying attention to everything my body consumed, internally and externally. (Note: Twenty years after being a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, and raw foodist, I was advised to eat for my blood type to curb/prevent health issues. Now, I include some meat in my diet, especially lamb, goat, and bison.)

Something so small and simple as soap, which is a basic human necessity for maintaining personal hygiene, is often overlooked or taken for granted. Generally speaking, people do not think critically about using soap, as it is affordable and in abundant supply in most developed nations. Bath and Beauty aisles in department stores are filled with our favorite soap brands and when we run out, we stock up again, and then we are on to the next thing on the to-do list. We are HAPPY when people use soap, regardless of the brand, and we encourage them to use it on a daily basis to make our interactions with them an agreeable olfactory experience.

We love our bodies and demonstrate self-care by eating whole foods and exercising for optimal health. Likewise, let us consume wholesome beauty products that reflect our quintessential lifestyle. Today, I challenge you to read the ingredients label on your favorite soap bar and beauty products. Research the list, defining each ingredient and their health properties.

So, what makes my soap different from other brands? My soaps are not purchased from another manufacturer, repackaged, and resold to you; I make each and every batch personally and do not take short cuts. Most of my soaps are Shea Butter based, yielding a thick moisturizing lather, which is suitable for the most sensitive to the driest skin. My soaps are made in small batches for quality control and freshness. They are made with wholesome ingredients, carefully and creatively selected for form and function. I travel over an hour each way to an organic goat dairy farm for fresh, creamy milk to use in my soaps. Most importantly, I only want to use the best ingredients on my skin. Therefore, I make all of my products for my own personal consumption and then I share the goodness with you.

I believe that bathing is a sacred time of peace and solitude whereby you can navigate through life’s concerns, metaphorically wash them away, and start anew. Using well-made products with moisturizing ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils can make a world of difference in this process. I invite you to foster beauty and balance by using The Black Belt Soap Company products. We want to fall in love with us and become your new favorite skin care company.

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